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Magnetic Base DTI Stand and Analogue Metric Dial Gauge MS084 / MS083


MS083 / MS084

Professional Trade Quality Magnetic DTI Stand and Analogue Metric Dial Gauge


Dial indicator

The dial indicator has a 0-10mm dial in 0.01mm increments.

The bezel around the front rim can be rotated, carrying the scale with it - perfect for aligning the needle to point to zero.

There are two circlips on the dial that can be moved independently for use as min/max range indicators.

The dial indicator has a bezel lock screw to tighten the bezel into position, and a puller for lifting the plunger.

On the back of the dial indicator is a tab with a hole for mounting onto the magnetic base.


DTI Stand

The dial indicator is supplied with a magnetic base stand.

 Fitting the dial indicator to the stand provides a motionless and stable means of measuring runout.

The solidly constructed base is easily adjustable and has a fine adjustment feature on the boom arm.

For added stability, the magnetised base grips solidly to any ferrous metal surface and has a 60kg pull.

 The magnet can be turned on and off with the switch.

The base is V-shaped for positioning on curved or cylindrical surfaces.



? Dial diameter 57mm (2.25"); plunger travel 12mm (0.5").
? 0-10mm dial in 0.01mm increments (metric)
? Magnetic base with fine adjustment
? Magnet has a massive 60kg pull
? On/off switch for easy positioning


Stand Dimensions

? Total height: 23cm (9")
? Height of vertical arm: 17.5cm (7.75")
? Boom arm: 15cm (6")


- vat receipt included -



MS083 / MS084
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